Smart Investing for a Better Tomorrow

A new approach to private equity -
augmenting time-tested principles with modern technology

Investment focus on B2B software and tech services businesses

Our Philosophy

Create lasting value for our investors and their stakeholders, the people and companies we engage with, and the economy we are part of

Building Lasting Value Together

Allowing all stakeholders to participate in value creation creates alignment to propel great companies forward in a sustainable way. Working together, we believe we can leave a legacy determined by best-in-class returns and lasting value.


Our approach is designed to select strong portfolio companies and back the right management teams. Great companies and managers have many options available to them: we seek to earn the right to be their partner of choice. We are committed to supporting growth and delivering value in every interaction.


We seek to be good stewards of capital for investors around the world. We view investors as partners and the vote of confidence from anybody picking us as a partner humbles and drives us. Our highly data-driven approach is designed to minimize risk exposure and maximize returns across economic cycles.

Mission Critical Assets

Repeatable investing success - highly skilled team enabled by scalable technology



  • Highly skilled individuals with experience in investing, operations, and technology
  • Better solutions for complex problems based on diverse points of view
  • Driven by the success of our portfolio companies


  • Technology can enhance the traditional private equity process
  • Our software-based workflow encapsulates our approach and data: insights are captured, refreshed and consistently improved


  • We work as one team, not in siloes
  • We are truth seekers informed by data, not hierarchy
  • We work to add value in every interaction, not to gain recognition